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昨年よりTOEFL®テストを開発・運営する米国非営利教育団体ETS(Educational Testing Service)が、優れた学業成績、課外活動への参加経験、英語のコミュニケーション能力を持った将来国際舞台でリーダーシップの発揮が期待されるTOEFL iBT®受験者のサポートを目的としたスカラシップ(奨学金)プログラムをスタートしました。今回は2011年の受賞者のみなさんに進学先での様子などについてお聞きしました。

プリティ 梨佐 クリスティーンさん

プリティ 梨佐 クリスティーンさん

日本 慶應義塾大学進学
Lisa Christine Pretty
Keio University, Japan

Being selected as one of the first TOEFL Scholarship winners in Japan was one of the most tremendous honors for me last year as an undergraduate student. Attending the faculty of law at Keio University and taking the first step of pursuing my dream of becoming an international lawyer has been a challenging but fulfilling experience for me.


One of the aspects in my first year of university that drove me to constantly have an international mindset and sharp perspective on global matters was my participation in “English parliamentary debate”. Parliamentary debate is practiced competitively in universities all over the world. My achievements in my first year were gaining the title of “Best Speaker” as an individual and “Champion” and “Grand Finalist” twice respectively as a team in national tournaments involving the most prestigious universities in Japan. This coming year I hope to reach out to at least one of the many international tournaments held literally all over the globe.

It is without a doubt that by debating competitively, I have gained not only the powers of logical thinking and intense analysis, but also a good grasp of international affairs and various perspectives and principles of numerous countries.

As I enter my second year as a law student, I aspire to maintain my global Approach to education and moreover keep an open attitude toward diverse experiences and gains throughout my academic path.